Kill Devil Punch-1650s

“One of Sour, Two of Sweet, Three of Strong, Four of Weak”…was the tune of the times throughout Colonial America.

Fish House Punch-1732

Dark Rum/Cognac/Peach Brandy/Tea/Lemon/Sugar
Never has a specific beverage held such a symbolic position amid the wraiths of George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, and other elder statesman come and gone.

Fancy Drinks

Rum Fix-1884

Aged Rum/Lemon/Lime/Pineapple Syrup
Sometimes there is neither the time nor the number of people to warrant a bowl of punch. In such cases you’d order a Fix. Very simple, very delicious…the “Fix” is as “Classic” as you can get.

Ramos Gin Fizz-1888

Gin/Lemon/Lime/Simple Syrup/Cream/Egg White/Orange Blossom Water
Created in 1888 and formally known as the “New Orleans Cocktail”, this creation of Henry C. Ramos was so popular that he had to hire “shaker boys” during busy hours.

Knickerbocker (á la Monsieur)-1888

Aged Rum/Cointreau/Lemon Juice/Raspberry Syrup
This 19th Century hit had “his” and “her” versions- á la Monsieur and á la Madame. Both were around since 1869, but in 1888 Harry Johnson published the “manly” version shown here.

 Mamie Taylor-1899

Scotch/Lime/Ginger Ale
Leading into Prohibition, the Mamie Taylor was regarded as a posh drink of both the privileged class and the common man. Replace the Scotch with vodka and you have the birth of the Moscow Mule.

 Corpse Reviver #2-1900s

Corpse revivers were a style of drink specifically intended for a bit of the “hair of the dog”…but as Savoy barman Harry Craddock noted: “Four taken in quick succession will unrevive the corpse again.”


Gin/Maraschino/Lemon/Crème de Violette
Created around 1916 to celebrate the achievements of the Wright Brothers. This is an extremely approachable gin cocktail for the uninitiated.

 Pisco Sour- 1916

Pisco/Lemon/Lime/Simple/Egg White/Bitters
Created by Victor Morris (American) at his bar in Lima… this has become the National Drink of Peru. De nada!

 Monkey Gland-1920s

Harry McElhone (of Harry’s New York Bar in Paris) takes credit for this cocktail and claims he named it after Dr. Serge Voronoff’s experiments in “rejuvenation”.

 Bee’s Knees-1920s

The “Bee’s Knees” was first seen in David Embury’s “The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks” (1948)…however it was created during Prohibition to mask the foul taste of the Era’s “bathtub gin”. The gin got better and so did the cocktail.

 Blood & Sand-1920s

Scotch/Carpano Antica/Cherry Heering/Orange
Named after the 1922 Rudolph Valentino film…this Scotch based cocktail has stood the test of time (not many do, as Scotch does not “play well with others”).


Created in The Ritz Hotel in Paris at the beginning of Prohibition… the Sidecar begat the Margarita and the Daiquiri…all we can say is “thank you”.

 Satan’s Whiskers-1930

Gin/Vermouth/Curacao/Orange/Orange Bitters
First published in Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book, this is a Finalist for Top 5 Cocktail Names of All Time.

 Hanky Panky-1930

Gin/Carpano Antica/Fernet Branca/Branca Menta
In the States, “hanky panky” is slang for dirty deeds, maybe not the highest compliment for the cocktail…but in Victorian England the term was once used to describe black magic and legerdemain (we prefer the American version).

 Between the Sheets-1930s

Adapted from a recipe in Jones’ Complete Barguide, this is one of the few recipes that successfully marry two different base spirits. Drink more than two and we know where you’ll end up…

 The Liberal-1931

Bourbon/Carpano Antica/Torani Amer/Orange Bitters
Of course, in reality “liberal” means many things: the omnipresent political connotation…the definition meaning generous and free spending…and perhaps our favorite means “lacking moral restraint”.

 The Communist-1933

Gin/Cherry Brandy/Orange/Lemon
From the obscure 1933 publication “Cocktail Parade”…we’ve situated it conveniently between The Liberal and The Millionaire.

 The Millionaire-1937

Dark Rum/Sloe Gin/Apricot Brandy/Lime
With variations appearing throughout many cocktail books, this is “The Doctor’s (Ted Haigh) definitive recipe. Where else can you step up to the bar and exclaim: “Bartender, make me a Millionaire!”

The Guest List

Adelaide Swizzle-Cafe Adelaide’s Swizzle Stick Bar NOLA

Rum/Falernum/Lime/Peychaud’s Bitters

Benton’s Old Fashioned-Don Lee-PDT NYC

Bacon Infused Four Roses Bourbon/Maple Syrup/Angostura

Black Flip-Jim Meehan-PDT NYC

Chocolate Stout/Black Strap Rum/Demerara/Egg

Black Smoke-Andrew Pollard-Wirtz Beverage Las Vegas

Van Gogh Chocolate Vodka/Carpano Antica/Averna/Islay Scotch

The Resolution- Mike Doyle-Vesper Las Vegas

Hendrick’s Gin/St. Germaine/Lemon/Cucumber/Cassis

Silver Monk- Phillip Ward-Pegu Club NYC

Herradura Blanco/Yellow Chartreuse/Lime/Mint/Cucumber

TKO from Mexico-Jason McIntire-Vesper Las Vegas

Don Julio Reposado/Chartreuse/Lime/Basil/Blueberries/Thai Chili